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Website Privacy Policy

This document explains your rights and obligations when using our website.

If you are an Asset Finance staff member, agent or broker, different obligations may apply when using this website. Contact us for further information.


When you visit our website, our webhosting servers collect some technical information about you (e.g. web browser type, IP address) and also track which pages you visit on our site. We use these logs mainly for the purpose of troubleshooting, and they are frequently purged. Unless you are logged in to our website with a username and password, it is not possible for us to identify you from the information stored in these logs. 

Form submissions

If you submit a form to us for a credit application, investment request, contact form or any other form, chances are you will be giving us additional identifying information about yourself. If your browser supports it, the data being transmitted is protected by 128 or 256 bit encryption.

Depending on the form, the information you send will either be deleted, or stored on Asset Finance's servers. If the data is stored on our servers, you can access it and/or correct it upon request.

Form submissions: Loan & Credit Application

As part of some forms (such as the credit application form) you must agree to a Privacy Waiver. A key part of the privacy waiver is giving us permission to carry out the checks we need to do out as part of our loan approval policy.

You should read the privacy waiver carefully, as these checks involve us giving information and obtaining information from third parties such as credit rating agencies. You must accept the privacy waiver in order to submit your application, because without it we are unable to process and approve it.


This website uses several cookies. They store technical information that allows us to better interact with your browser and to identify you on subsequent visits to our site.

Google Analytics

This website also uses Google Analytics to collect and aggregate information to improve our website and marketing. Google's privacy policy is located at To prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics, use the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on for the Google Analytics

Your Rights

Asset Finance is domiciled in New Zealand and governed by New Zealand law.

The Privacy Act 1993 sets out how we must collect, store, disclose and give access to personal information. You can view a summary of the Privacy Act and find out about your rights on the website.

About Us

This website is operated by:

Asset Finance Limited
PO Box 497
Whakatane 3120

If you have any questions, or if you want to exercise your legal right to access or correct your personal data, please contact us using our contact form.

Loan Application Privacy Waiver

By submitting a loan application or enquiry form to Asset Finance, you agree to the following privacy waiver.

I/We understand that Asset Finance Limited are asking me for personal information about me so as to use that information to obtain further information about me from third parties.

I understand that the information Asset Finance, their employees or agents (“Asset”) obtain will be used for the purpose of:

  1. Assisting Asset in making a decision on whether or not to provide me with credit; and
  2. Enforcement of my contract if I default in my obligations to Asset.

Such information may consist of (but is not limited to) details of my credit history, outstanding fines, address and contact information, employment, assets, liabilities and income.

The third parties that Asset may query include:

  1. Any trading bank, finance company, credit union or other financial institution;
  2. Any credit reporting service or agency (including but not limited to Baycorp/Veda Advantage);
  3. Any government agency (including but not limited to NZ Transport Agency, Land Information New Zealand, Personal Property Securities Register, Ministry of Justice, Inland Revenue Department, Work and Income New Zealand);
  4. Other third parties as required by Asset Finance for the purpose stated above;

I understand that:

  1. This authorisation compels any third party to give Asset the information they request about me;
  2. Neither Asset nor any third party needs to contact me before the third party furbishes the information Asset requests;
  3. If I default in my obligations to Asset, information about that default may be given to third parties (e.g. a credit reporting agency);
  4. The third parties Asset gives my information to may retain that information and use it to provide their own service.
  5. The Privacy Act 1993 restricts the parties to whom Asset or any third party may divulge my personal information;
  6. In providing a service, a third party (e.g. a credit reporting agency) may disclose information Asset has given to them about me to their own customers.
  7. Asset may use my details to provide me with information about our promotions & products.

I authorise all persons, organisations, companies, government agencies and other entities to provide Asset with any information they reasonably request.

I retain the right to cancel this authorisation at any time in full or part by giving signed notice to Asset, provided however that I no longer have any contractual obligations to Asset.