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Vehicle Finance

Need money for a new car?

Whether you're buying it from a dealer, or you've set your sights on a second-hand one that will fit your needs, we can help you get the car you're looking at.

Car loans generally use the car you're purchasing as collateral to secure the loan, though another car owned by you or a guarantor can also be used if your car doesn't quite fit the criteria.  Not sure? No problem - give us a call on 0800 11 22 74 to find out!



As with all of our loans, we aim to make it work for you.  

The calculator below should help you figure out what sort of repayment options you'd be looking at.  Simply complete the online application or give us a call to discuss your situation and we'll let you know how we can help and break it down step-by-step so we can get you on the road as quickly as possible.  

Car Finance

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This payment calculator is a guide only to assist in determining weather a loan is affordable. Your final payments may differ from those shown.

What you'll need to Finance your next Vehicle with Asset Finance


When determining if your car might be suitable as security against your loan a good rule of thumb is we generally look at vehicles that are:
  1. Up to 15 years old
  2. In good condition
  3. Currently warranted (WOF) and registered, or will become warranted and registered as part of the loan


Home or Land

If for some reason we can't use the vehicle you are buying, you can also use your Home or Land as security. There just has to be a big enough difference between what its worth and what you owe the bank.



If you have no security yourself, a Guarantor may be able to provide their motor vehicle or home as security for your loan.

Credit History

Credit history is just one of many factors we assess when reviewing a loan application. If you have good credit or a good payment history with us, that goes a long way.
However, we do understand that most people go through a difficult patch at some stage in their life such as sickness or a relationship breakup, and for many this can affect their credit rating. So when looking at any bad or adverse credit history, we pay particular attention to how a person dealt with it, how long ago it happened and to what extent it was a problem.

In some cases, particularly where there is recent or unexplained bad credit, we may require a guarantor to provide additional security.

Affordability & Stability

As a Responsible Lender, we consider your capacity to meet the loan repayments.

Depending on the repayment amount and your income sources, this may require us getting information about your income and expenses.

We also consider your job and living history to determine whether your capacity to meet the repayments is likely to change during the term of the loan.


The Application Process

Loan Application

Loan Application
10 Minutes


2 Hours

Approval and Documentation

Approval & documentation
30 minutes

Funds Transferred to you

Funds transferred to you!
Same business day